We Are Back!

“Guess who just got back today

Them wild-eyed boys that had been away

Haven’t changed that much to say

But man, I still think them cats are crazy”

To Our Dear Readers (if we still have any),

We are back! After a hiatus, your favorite political breakfast bread products are back at it again. We are rejuvenated, matured, and ready to tackle the Trump world. You might notice a change in the what we write but, do not fret, the quality of the research and the articles will continue.

We are saddened to say that our close friend and co-founder Tom Warwick has left The Finest Bagels Blog. This past November, he undertook a new phase in his personal and professional life, which will be prohibitively time-consuming, and as such he is not able to continue writing regularly. We wish him the absolute best and his presence here is sorely missed.

As the Phoenix rising from the ashes, we will return from our absence in glorious fashion. However, due to our smaller staff, we will now post once a week. We believe that this will give us enough time to thoroughly research a topic and present it to you in an entertaining and informative fashion.

In addition to our new schedule, we are aiming to engage more with you. Feel free to leave us comments on our articles, old or new. We want to make sure that this page is one where people can come to have discussions. While, like the differences between the writers, we may not always agree with each other, we can approach each other with civility and facts.

It’s good to be back and we are excited to do more!

If you like what you read here, please make sure to follow our blog and to like our Facebook group to stay up to date!

7 thoughts on “We Are Back!

  1. Just found this blog; so can’t say much about pre-hiatus but I just went through the About page and it’s wonderful, lads; looks like I have a lot to catch up on. Can’t wait for more exciting stuff; keep it going!

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